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Demonstrating how the frog was able to be levitated by magnets

Thursday, April 26th, 2018

Joe Schwarcz tells and shows, in this video, how Andre Geim was able to use magnets to levitate a frog (and thus, together with Michael Berry, win an Ig Nobel Prize for physics). Joe Schwarz also talks about Andre Geim’s gekko-stickiness research.

Vagina Music on Tour: “The myth of talking to the baby through the mother’s belly is history”

Tuesday, April 17th, 2018

The two doctors who led the vagina-music study—which demonstrated that babies respond more strongly to music played electromechanically in the mother’s vagina than to music played electromechanically on the mother’s belly—and which was honored with an Ig Nobel Prize, appeared in the recent Ig Nobel spring EuroTour. Marisa López-Teijón and Álex García-Faura, of Institut Marquès in Barcelona, spread music, information, and cheer to audiences in Sweden and Denmark. At each event, they demonstrated Babypod, the vagina-music product they developed as part of that research project.

The team subsequently produced this video, documenting some of their work, with glimpses at some of their appearances on stage in Scandinavia:

La Vanguardia newspaper summed it up, under the headline “El mito de hablarle al bebé a través de la barriga de la madre es historia” [“The myth of talking to the baby through the mother’s belly is history”].

A very British combination—Tea and Graphene—with an American price

Friday, April 13th, 2018

Britain is famous for tea and also for graphene.

A recently published study combines the two. The study, called “Synergistic Effect Between Tea Polyphenols and Aluminum Flake on the Reduction of Graphene Oxide,” was written by a team of scientists in China. The publisher of the study—American Scientific Publishers—offers to sell you a copy of the study for US $105 plus tax.

(The first usable samples of graphene—a two-dimensional form of carbon—were obtained at the University of Manchester, by physicist Andre Geim and his student Konstantin Novoselov. Geim, an Ig Nobel Prize winner—together with Michael Berry of Bristol University‚ for using magnets to levitate a frog—and Novosolev were later awarded a Nobel Prize for that graphene research.)

Cats and Psychopaths and Vagina Music: Ig Nobel events in Denmark

Tuesday, April 10th, 2018

The Ig Nobel EuroTour arrives in Denmark this week:

Cats and Vagina Music and Lying: Ig Nobel events in Stockholm

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2018

The Ig Nobel EuroTour arrives in Stockholm this week:

  • April 5, Thursday, 3:00 pm—Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden—Berzelius väg 3, in Lecture hall Retzius. Free admission, open to the general public. With:
    • Marc-Antoine Fardin, Ig Nobel Physics Prize winner (can a cat be both a solid and a liquid?)
    • Álex García-Faura and Marisa López-Tejón, Ig Nobel Obstetrics Prize winners (effects of intra-vaginally played music on developing fetuses)
    • Bruno Verschuere, Ig Nobel Psychology Prize winner (asking a thousand liars how often they lie, and deciding whether to believe those answer)
  • April 6, Friday, 12:30 pm—Stockholm University, Stockholm, Sweden—in Studenthuset, Galleriet. Free admission, open to the public. With:
    • Marc-Antoine Fardin
    • Álex García-Faura and Marisa López-Tejón
    • Bruno Verschuere

And next week, the Ig Nobel EuroTour will finish up, with two shows in Denmark!